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Leave a comment All we hear about in the news is the House and Senate races nationwide. In SF, the elephant in the room is homelessness and housing. The candidates for Supervisor are battling over where housing should be built, and who has the best solutions to the problem. An exciting school board race also underway. With 18 candidates to choose from, voters have their work cut out for them.

Stage Mats with Hook and Loop with Graphics add Storage, Available in Many Colors per SF Stage Mats with Hook and Loop Attachment and Graphics. SKU# SMVHIDG. Be the First to Write a Review. allowing the pad to be lifted up to gain access to storage doors. The mats are secured to the stage with a hook and loop attachment system.

Carrie Fisher, Script Doctor: Learn about her unknown legacy of uncredited work on big Hollywood screenplays in our Carrie Fisher Script Doctor primer. What Is a Script Doctor? In the s, Fisher was one of the top script doctors in Hollywood, called in to help fix or improve movies. The Flinstones movie reportedly had over 30 uncredited screenwriters. Sometimes a film is such a mess that the stuff makes headlines, but most of the time these uncredited gigs go completely under the radar.

But stuff like that happens all the time. What follows is a compilation of information from all the quotes and sources I could cobble together. Carrie told the Phoenix New Times that she got into script doctoring when she was asked to adapt an interview she did for Esquire into a movie: I read mostly fiction and then it went to obligation. I was asked to write a book based on an interview I did for Esquire. Rewriting Star Wars Fisher, like some actors, would eventually rewrite the dialogue in a lot of the movies she starred in.

This practice started on the Star Wars movies.

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Wingtip Club Wingtip Club is an unusual store for an elite clientele. Founded in , the menswear store based in San Francisco comes with its own clubhouse, complete with a wine cave, barber shop, cocktail bar, and tailoring shop. It attracts mostly middle-aged men working in finance and technology, according to its founder, Ami Arad. It’s a pioneer among the handful of brands that pamper and offer places to socialize inside brick-and-mortar shops — a tactic to help them compete with popular online retail companies like Bonobos, Everlane , and Amazon.

Discover the Best Events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Free Things To Do, Top Shows, SF Nightlife, New Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Galleries, Museums, Festivals.

The first such place was undoubtedly in San Francisco. Most writers note 1 agree that the earliest temple was in present-day Chinatown: Both are claimed to have existed since the early s. However, whether one accepts such claims depends on how one understands historical continuity. It is not enough to rely on secondary sources or oral tradition.

It is also not enough just to cite primary sources which state that a temple dedicated to the same deity or sponsored by the same organization formerly existed in the same area as the present one, as is the case with both the Tin How and Kong Chow temples.

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And we don’t call them “singles bars” anymore, because c’mon now The Club photo: Erik Wilson The Club Part sports bar, part neighborhood watering hole, part Mission dive, the Club is an unrivaled spot for any type of making out.

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Every type has its own effects on the ocean. By selecting the right gear for the right job, the fishing industry can help minimize its impact on the environment. Beach and Boat Seines Seines are long nets, with long ropes on each end, which herd fish when dragged or towed. Seines are suspended vertically in the water with floats and weights, and some have a bag for catching fish.

Beach seines are hauled in from the shore and are used to catch species like Atlantic croaker, Florida pompano and striped mullet. As the name implies, boat seines haul the catch onto the vessel. Danish seines, also known as “anchor seines,” are a type of boat seine. The catch of unwanted species can be an issue in these fisheries. Bottom Trawls Bottom trawls are cone-shaped nets that are pulled along the seafloor by one or two boats to catch cod, halibut, lobster, rockfish, shrimp and other bottom-dwellers.

Reducing the harmful effects of bottom trawling requires limiting when and where trawling can occur and gear modifications that allow unwanted marine life to escape and lessen impacts on the seafloor. Dredges Dredges are metal-framed baskets that are dragged across the seafloor to collect clams, cockles, mussels, oysters, scallops and sea cucumbers. Towed dredges scrape or dig into the substrate with rakes or teeth to about a foot in depth. Mechanized dredges are used to dig and wash out mussels that have buried into the seabed.

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Examiner By Ryan Gorcey on November 18, 1: On Monday, Sacred Heart Cathedral was on a bus, 20 minutes from Live Oak, when the game was postponed for the third time. That made preparing to take a defensive stand against a physical team bit more difficult than usual. We just figure it out. At the end of the second quarter, already up on a yard touchdown run by Anthony Heard to open the game, the Irish had Live Oak backed down to its own Ojeda was instead ruled down at the 2-yard line, and instead of a safety, Sacred Heart Cathedral was set up for an easy touchdown.

Marci A. Hamilton, professor and resident senior fellow in the Program for Research on Religion at the University of Pennsylvania, explains how the Kavanaugh confirmation process shows the crossroads at which the #MeToo movement now stands.

First, the context in which we are working: This may change in the future. There are three special values for vcs-string: The first is named -init-, that is in effect as long as there was no decision what VCS backend to use. The initial value of repo-root-name is -all- and it is replaced with the actual name, as soon as it is known. Only use this part of the context for defining the formats, actionformats or branchformat styles, as it is guaranteed that repo-root-name is set up correctly for these only.

There are two pre-defined values for user-context: This is a description of all styles that are looked up. This style lets you modify how that string should look. With this style you can format the revision string see branchformat to include either or both. Note, the full character revision id is not available except when using the use-simple option because executing hg more than once per prompt is too slow; you may customize this behavior using hooks.

Checked in the -init- context. Only with ALL in enable will the disable style have any effect. Only used if enable contains ALL.

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If watching another friend walk down the aisle or simply cuddle with their newest love interest from The League makes you feel like vomiting, we say grab your single ladies or lads and head to one of the following places. Nothing beats away loneliness like a hot public make-out, right? Facebook Mayes Oyster House If you want to get your dance on while making out with a hunky twentysomething or scantily clad social media slut, Mayes is the ideal spot for you.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the dancefloor is packed with people in various stages of drunkenness getting their groove on. And while you’re at it, why not let him grab your ass while you’re doing it? Nineties throwback bar Double Dutch is dark and dirty. Be warned, however, the bouncers run a tight ship and anyone who is too drunk and caught making out with multiple randoms could be subject to ejection from the bar. I may or may not be speaking from experience. It’s something of a departure from the nearby frat row.

It’s “ratio” of men to women, but you knew that is pretty good, often There’s a nice front area for congregating and mingling, and if the odds aren’t in your favor, the back is for consolation games of pool and Big Buck Hunter. The place looks old because it is: The bar has stood there since

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